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6D Mink Luxury Lashes. This ultra-wispy set of false lashes is ideal for achieving an Insta-worthy glam finish. Adds length, volume and seduction to any look, while still being incredibly lightweight for a comfortable wear.


$27.00 Regular Price
$13.50Sale Price
  • CURL LASHES...In order for falsies to look like your own, they need to blend with your natural lashes. Curling them creates a base that will seamlessly support the lashes.

    APPLY MASCARA...Prefers to apply mascara before rather than after putting on fakes because the latter could result in clumpy-looking lashes. She isn't against another layer after finishing if the whole beauty look calls for it, however, claiming "it does add more drama."

    MEASURE AND CUT THE LASHES... Strip eyelashes are one size fits all. They're made to be longer than you'll need, so you have to cut them to the right length. To get the perfect length for your lids, hold the strip lash up to your eyelid as if you're about to apply it to determine how much to cut off. Then use scissors to trim it to the right size.

    APPLY ADHESIVE... Place a great quantity, thin ribbon of eyelash glue or eyelash adhesive along the band of the lash, be sure is complete saturated. Wait until it becomes tacky (not drippy). To make sure you don't use too much adhesive, use a brush to apply the glue to the strip lash.

    APPLY THE LASH...  Use one hand to hold down your lid, and the other hand to press the strip to the base of your lashes. Use the lash applicator tweezers or to help nudge it into place and press it to the lid with your finger until it sticks. Voila! You now have beautifully long lashes that you can make even bigger with a one coat of mascara.



Judith Valenzuela

average rating is 5 out of 5


Norma Rosario

average rating is 5 out of 5

I absolutely love The 8th Wonder Mascara because it covers my lashes completely with just to strokes. Outstanding !!!

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